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Wax is the Artist of the Year in New “Wax Weekly #9” Video

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/17/11 | Filed under Videos, Wax, Wax Weekly
Who's Wax? He's a dope emcee who enjoys drinking, writing music about drinking and, in his spare time, creating a "Wax Weekly" video series that's earned well over a million views. Since RefinedHype's also been known to enjoy booze and hip-hop we decided it was only right that we partnered with Wax to bring you the story of a fiercely original and creative artist on the come up. Enjoy....

This week Wax travels to Los Angeles to party with Andy Milinokis (kind of), accept a little thing called an Artist of the Year award, reveal the wonders of the internet and more.

For more from Wax be sure to follow him on Twitter, check out his site, and keep an eye out for his new mixtape, dropping in March via the mothership.

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