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Who the F**k is the Maybach Music Chick? Jessica Gomes Is…Maybe

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/12/12 | Filed under Best Of, MBOW, Features, QuickHits, Maybach Music Chick

Almost a year ago to the day I asked a very, very important question: "Who the F**k is the Maybach Music chick?" And today we finally have our answer. The chick who did the "Maybach Music" drop you hear on every MMG tracks is....Australian supermodel Jessica Gomes!

Actually, I should offer up a few disclaimers here. First, Complex's only evidence that Gomes is indeed the MMG chick is one of her Tweets, with no confirmation from anyone at MMG (not exactly rock solid proof). Second, this still doesn't explain how Gomes recording the drop happened, if she got paid, etc. But still, this is closer to answering one of hip-hop's greatest mysteries than we've ever been and that's cause for celebration.

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(Word to RefinedHype Nation citizen Butters on the heads up.)

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