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Did Kid Cudi Win the Laziest Grammy of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/24/12 | Filed under Features, Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi Grammys

This morning Kanye's "All of the Lights" popped up in my iTunes and my first thought was, "I'm glad this won a Grammy, Yeezy really deserved it." And then my second thought was, "Yeah, but now I have to also refer to Fergie as Grammy winner Fergie". And then my third thought was, "Wait, Kid Cudi won a Grammy for this song too, and that dude did even less than Fergie. In fact....has anyone ever done less to win a Grammy?"

Actually, it's a good question, and one I'm turning to RefinedHype Nation to answer. So people, has anyone ever done less to win a Grammy? (Welcome to my brain.)

First some ground rules. "All of the Lights" won a Grammy for "Best Rap Song", which is a songwriter award. As simply put as possible, the people who wrote either the song's music or lyrics get a Grammy, regardless of if their voice actually appeared on the track.

Using "All of the Lights" as an example, that means that co-producer Jeff Bhasker got a Grammy for "All of the Lights", but Rihanna didn't because she only sung words written by someone else. Got it?

That's also the reason Fergie's got a Grammy sitting on her shelf - she apparently wrote her short verse herself. And Cudi? For the record, he now owns a Grammy for writing 19 words. Yep, exactly 19 words. Here's what won Cudi music's highest honor:

"Gettin / gotta let these ni**as know / get it right....aye / you should go and get your own."

That's it.

For the record, I'm not angry, I'm impressed. Under the criteria for Best Rap Song Cudi completely deserves a Grammy - if I were him I'd be driving around with that shit on my dashboard. It's not his fault he won for writing an incomplete sentence, he just lucked into a loophole in the Grammy system.

Other people had to have similarly found themselves lucking into a Grammy, but it's hard to believe they could have possible done less. (Maybe some dude rang a cowbell two times on a song, hustled his way into a production credit and then won a Grammy, but I doubt it.) Hell, Fergie wrote approximately 50 words for her Grammy, about four times what Cudi did.

But if you can somehow find proof that someone did less (wrote less than 19 words) and won a Grammy, not only will you earn the undying respect of RefinedHype Nation, but I'll hook the first person up with a copy of any one album (digital). Any album, already out or about to be released. (Yeah, it's not the world's greatest prize but who do I look like, Oprah? Name another writer that essentially gave you $10 out of their own pocket.)

Have at it people.

(p.s. - The ironic part is that Cudi's been nominated for three Grammys for his own work but never won...until he wrote 19 words on a Kanye song.)

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