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Who’s The Worst Rapper Alive? Official Nominations (Vote!)

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K Fed Large
(He didn't make the cut, but it's always good to remember that K-Fed was once an atrocious rapper.)

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who made our "Who's the Worst Rapper Alive" nominations the most commented on piece in RefinedHype history. I've combed through the more than 100 comments to find five final nominees. It wasn't an easy task, but someone had to do it.

As a quick reminder, here's how we're defining worst:

Impact: 50 Tyson can't rap, J-Kwon can't rap, but their ilk are YouTube stars or one-hit wonders. We're looking for people who are making a prolonged and consistent contribution to hip-hop. And by "contribution" I mean fucking shit up.

Catalog: A rapper may currently be in a slump, or have produced a lot of garbage lately, but if they've got good/not terrible material in their catalog that must also be considered. (Also know as the Game corollary.)

Raps, Not Beats: Personality, fashion etc. aren't in play here. Simply put, you've got to listen to someone's rhymes, no beat, for an hour. Who's the last person you'd want to listen to?

With no further ado, the five nominees are below, along with a brief explanation of why they were chosen.


Lil B

I've got no doubt that the most controversial rapper of the last year will prove to be the most controversial selection. There are two Lil B camps - the first thinks he's simply a rapper whose "rhymes" are more like the incoherent mumblings of a man who sounds like he just suffered a severe concussion. The other camp thinks that the Based God is a character, a role Lil B is playing as some sort of parody/meta-analysis of rap (so hyper-bad it comes full circle to good).

We'll see which camp wins out.


I can't believe I'm writing this, but Diddy's not that bad of a rapper when compared to the other people on this list. However, he easily deserves a nomination under the Impact criteria. Has a worse rapper ever had a larger impact on hip-hop? Of course you have to give him credit for putting on Biggie, but since then Diddy's been responsible for the likes of Mase, Day 26, Danity Kane, Da Band, Loon, Yung Joc and more, and dropped some pretty atrocious "guest" verses along the way.

Think of it like this. Diddy's raps aren't just bad, more people have heard his bad raps, and been directly or indirectly influenced by them, than any rapper artist on this list. You can decide how much that should count against him.

Soulja Boy

Unbelievably, Soulja Boy's become a worse rapper than when he first started, and he didn't exactly start on a high note. In addition to being a chronic liar, his rhymes have become so unlistenable that even his core fan base has abandoned him. And yes he insists on continuing to rap, dropping lyrical gems like "girls wet like they living in a fish tank / I’m getting money man what the fuck a bitch think."

His terribleness may not be as in-your-face as a Waka or Lil B, but that doesn't make it any less terrible. Fact: every time Soulja Boy rhymes an angel dies.

Waka Flocka Flame

Here's the case for Waka being the Worst Rapper Alive. First, he's a grown man who willingly calls himself Waka Flaka Flame. That should be enough right there. Second, under the "if you removed the beat and just had to listen to his rhymes" criteria it's hard to imagine anyone lasting more than five minutes with Waka's a capella's before they cut off their ears Van Gogh style.

In Waka's defense - and I can't believe I'm defending Waka but here we go - he's hip-hop's version of heavy metal. He makes music whose sole purpose is to be as dumb and aggressive as possible and he never pretends otherwise. Out of everyone on this list he most openly embraces and acknowledges his terribleness.

Then again, maybe that actually makes it worse....


It was hard to pick the final slot, so may rappers deserved to be in here (see below), but ultimately here's why I had to go with Plies. Not only are his raps atrocious, they all make me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It's one thing to rap terribly, it's another to rap terribly about the gross sex you're constantly having.

Put another way, would you rather have Waka scream at you for an hour, or Plies talk to you about how be oils up his balls before sex for an hour? I guess we'll find out your answer in the poll below.

(Non) Honorary Mentions: Shawty Lo, Gudda Gudda, Birdman, Black Eyed Peas (post Fergie version), Yung Berg, OJ Da Juiceman, The guy from Rebecca Black's "Friday".


Voting will close this Friday, July 23, at which time the official Worst Rapper Alive will be announced. Get to voting people......

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