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The Boondocks Crew Presents: “Hip-Hop Docktrine 3: The Final Chapter” (Mixtape Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 05/04/10 | Filed under Downloads, Mixtapes, Boondocks
Boondocks Hip-Hop Doctrine 3 Mixtape Cover
Back when I read the paper everyday The Boondocks was one of the best comic strips around (it definitely kicked Family Circus' ass) so when they flipped Aaron McGruder's ink into a tv show I was stoked, and when they flipped that tv show into a mixtape, I was even stokeder more stoked. Long story short, I'm not happy to say that in conjunction with the launch of a new Boondocks season comes the official Boondocks mixtape "Hip-Hop Docktrine 3: The Final Chapter", put together by Dub Floyd and DJ Willy Sparks and co-signed by creator Aaron McGruder, and

Before we go any further, Boondocks is on Sundays at 11:30 on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network). If you haven't been watching, here' what you've been missing.

Now back to the music. "Hip-Hop Doctkrine 3" includes exclusive and previously released cuts from the likes of David Banner, Mike Bigga (Killer Mike), Big K.R.I.T., Rapsody, Young Scolla, and about thirty other fresh emcees. Enjoy.

Tracklist and mixtape preview are underneath the tracklist (note: as you can see from the tracklist, the file's huge, so it's gonna take a minute to download):
Boondocks Hip-Hop Doctrine 3 Mixtape Back Tracklist
Download "Hip-Hop Docktrine 3" w/UserShare
Download "Hip-Hop Docktrine 3" w/MediaFire

To visit the Boondock's right now, check out two of the mixtape's top tracks, David Banner's "Channel 3" and Asheru's title track "The Boondocks" ft. Raheem Devaughn.

Play David Banner - Channel 3

Play Asheru ft. Raheem Devaughn - The Boondocks

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