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Rap Lines That Make No Fu**ing Sense: Fabolous Calls Out Luda Over Dead Presidents

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/23/11 | Filed under Features, Rap Lines That Make No Sense, Ludacris, Fabolous, Best of 2011

Today is a glorious day! Or at least it is if you're a rap blogger who's devoted an unhealthy portion of his life to hunting down "Rap Lines That Make No Fucking Sense". (If you have no idea what I'm talking about click that link directly above.) Man this has been a long time coming. Allow me to explain.

When I first heard Fabolous' "Wolves in Sheep's Clothing", video above, I almost fell out of my seat:

"They say they out for dead presidents never respect it / First of all ben franklin was never elected / that mean them and big bills have never connected / they just say it cause they think it sound clever on records."

Holy shit! Loso just unwittingly submitted an entry to "Rap Lines That Make No F**king Sense", and I'll be damned if it isn't a great one. He's right, Ben Franklin (who's on the $100 bill) was never a U.S. president, which means that rappers out for "dead presidents" are technically only out for bills smaller than $100, which means that every rapper who's ever used that line (including Nas) was essentially wrong. I have to hand it to Loso, that's a great call.

Ever since that day three months ago I've been waiting for a rapper to make a new "dead presidents" reference so I could invoke the "Franklin was not a president" clause, but I never expected that rapper would be Ludacris. Luda doesn't usually make mistakes, but the dead presidents line is so ingrained in hip-hop culture rappers, even ones as good as Luda, use it without thinking. Case in point, "Too Easy":

(Note: Song's terrible. Skip to the mark for the relevant part.)

"There’s one life to live for dead presidents / So being Frank don’t insult my intelligence

I mean, how fucking perfect is that!?! Not only did he reference dead presidents, he explicitly invoked Ben Franklin in a bit of wordplay....that's completely wrong! It's like he knew that I was waiting for this moment and served it up to me on a golden platter.

And there. That's the story of the time that Fabolous (indirectly) called out Ludacris for a "Rap Line That Makes No Fu**ing Sense". Sadly this is one of the happiest days in my professional career, but mock me all you want, you'll never listen to a "dead presidents" rap line the same way again. You're welcome.

(Obviously throw out more examples in the comments below if you got em.)

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