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“Pac & Spock Brosef”: The Doppelgangaz Decode Their “Peace Kehd” Rap Lines

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/17/14 | Filed under Humor, Streams, Rap Lines, The Doppelgangaz

From time to time around these parts I like to pay way too much attention to rap lyrics, and I'm not alone. Not only does RefinedHype Nation spend hours unraveling their favorite verses, but there are emcees out there - emcees like EP and Matter Ov Fact of The Doppelgangaz  - who literally devote their lives to giving us the kind of rap lines worthy of a breakdown. So in that spririt, the Doppelgangaz themselves came through to shed some light on the dopest, craziest and Alicia Silverstoneish lines on their upcoming "Peace Kehd" album

It'll be just like "Decoded", except instead of Audemars and Basquait references, it'll mostly be about gas station robberies, kayaking and boobs. Enjoy...

"Holla x2"

"And we got your local Hess robbed
Cashier looking like she works a desk job
Natural looking like she got a breast job
Shorty had the shaved nape with the fresh bob"

Matter Ov Fact (MOF): As I was robbing a Hess gas station, I noticed a young lady behind the register who looked kind of clean. If my friend Big Josh sees a female who takes pride in her appearance, he always says "shorty looks like she works a desk job," meaning she looks like she takes pride in her appearance. It's a beautiful concept that is now instilled in me. As I looked at her further I noticed that she had a nice pair of natural breasts that could be mistaken as augmented if one wasn't an expert in mammary glands. As I took a more in depth look at her, I began to question my initial thought of this young lady being clean when I saw her hairstyle. A bob haircut with a shaved nape is reserved for a special breed of woman.

"Live Rugged"

About to capsize/Cus them bigger breeds swearing that they lap sized
Imagine that/ shorty know where the gelato at
that's why her inner thighs darker than her outer thighs/ that shadow cat

MOF: In the lines before this I mentioned that I was last spotted in a tandem kayak paddling across the Hudson River. I then go on to explain that I'm in the kayak with a bigger woman who thinks she is smaller than she is, and because of this we damn near capsized. The big girl is a fan of food in general but specifically loves gelato. When girls reach a certain weight, the skin on their inner thighs becomes darker from the friction of them rubbing together and she's no exception. A slang for that is shadow cat because there's a "shadow" around the kitty cat.

"Live Rugged"

“Peep the mommy next to me, on ecstasy/ Lactatin’ with the left breast mastectomy
A pity whiles I trade midi files with this one titty chick
Real gritty wit’ the city miles on her.” 

EP: So this is essentially me going against the grain of the western view of beauty. Since we’re living rugged, we’re going to find the beauty that might not be so apparent to the average man. I have a chick, convulsing off that E, she’s leaking milk from her surviving right breast after her left was removed by a doctor, she also makes beats and looks much older than her actual age. If that ain’t living rugged, then shit, I don’t know what to tell you.

"What's Your 20"

“You don’t have to honor me, cloak smell like YSL L‘homme and La Nuit
Not known to smoke skama herb, Alicia Silverstone feed me like a momma bird” 

EP: There is an idea that we smell really bad, but if you listen to our song “Good Hygiene” off our debu,t we were even saying back then that we knew how to take care of ourselves. I had to reiterate this point again for all the people who swear that we smell like fecal matter. I stated that my cloak actually smells like a combo of two fragrances by YSL which now goes by simply, Saint Laurent. It smells like both because La Nuit is designed for night time use and I happen to use L’homme during the day so the cloak has a combo of both on it. It’s a nice combo though. Actually works well. This was followed by me stating that I don’t indulge in weed too often and that I’d prefer to be fed like a mother bird regurgitating into the mouth of it’s young. This was popularized by the actress Alicia Silverstone, who claimed she felt it was the best feeding method for her child. 

"What's Your 20?"

We're having fun up on this floating rock
You can't define us by a voting block
I know some Beckys who be quoting Pac
I know some black Trekkies who be quoting Spock

MOF: I'm saying that we're enjoying our time on earth to the best of our ability. A part of that for us is chilling with our unique group of friends who individually and collectively couldn't fit into one category. I then go on to describe some people who meet this criteria. I think people often make assumptions about others based on their appearance and then get shocked when they find out basic information about them. Millions of people worldwide love Pac and Spock brosef.

"Fall Thru"

“Met her down at A3C, she got that HPV/ Still rock a ACG, called on her HTC
and shit, It’s truly valid, shorty schooled me to shawarma and taboule salad
but she do be pallid/Plus she extra teeny, tried to seduce him with that chicken tetrazzini
Get off my weeny, never seent ‘em though they seen me.”

EP: The ACG movement was really big around ’06 but we never got into it. It seemed like a certain breed of human was into that style. I really wanted to mention this chick I met at A3C that still sported ACG boots. I loved and respected the fact that she could still face the day in those. Her confidence must’ve been through the roof. I end up giving her props though, because I tell the listener that she ended up putting me on to different types of middle eastern cuisine. However, its further backed by the fact that she was pale as shit and thought she could get me to give her the business by cooking me an awful casserole-type meal. I pretty much told her to go kick rocks barefoot after that.

So there you have it, if these don't sound like the kind of rhymes you'd be interested in, you can go kick rocks barefoot. But if you too can quote both Pac and Spick, you're in luck, the Doppelgangaz' 'Peace Kehd" album is overflowing with dope, original hip-hop. 

You can pre-order "Peace Kehd" here (or just buy it if you're reading this in a post-February 18 future), and check them on Twitter and on Facebook if you're so inclined. Plus, a full stream of the album is below. You're welcome. 

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