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Young Scolla is “Escaping Reality” on New EP (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/16/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Mixtapes, Young Scolla
Young Scolla Escaping Reality EP Cover
I'll be honest. I'd heard the man a couple times here or there, the last time on SMKA's "808 Experiment" mixtape, but I had no idea how dope the Detroit-based Young Scolla was until I cracked open his new EP "Escaping Reality". I feel like we've gotten into a bit of a "boy who cried wolf" situation in the game. We're so ready to label everything "classic" or "dope" that when music comes along that's actually dope, that's actually something extraordinary, it's hard to put into words.

So let me just say this. The "Escaping Reality EP" isn't a classic, it isn't the next "Illmatic", but it is one of the better projects I've heard in a minute. Luckily Young Scolla's music says more than my words possibly could, so I would only ask you to listen. Just listen. Is that too much to ask?

Download links and mixtape preview are below the tracklist:
Young Scolla Escaping Reality EP Back Tracklist
Download "Escaping Reality EP!" Directly via Bandcamp

To plot your own escape from reality right now, check out two of the project's top tracks, "Runaway" and "Decisions".

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Play Young Scolla - Runaway

Play Young Scolla - Decisions

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