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YelaWolf x Prince Cy Hi x Pill “I Wish (Remix)” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/27/10 | Filed under Downloads, Yelawolf, Pill, Prynce Cy Hi
YelaWolf I Wish Remix Prince Cy Hi Pill
I've hit a point with YelaWolf's where I'll automatically listen to any new material he puts out - can you blame me with videos like this? - so I was stoked to find a remix to his banger "I Wish" pop up in my inbox recently. Originally recorded with Raekwon, this time around Yela brings on Prynce Cy Hi and up-and-comer Pill for some intimidatingly bold verses.

Never heard of Prynce Cy Hi before? Good, cause I haven't either, though he does say; "I've been fly, my momma gave birth to me on a plane / so I guess you could say I'm airborn," which is either one of the most clever or most forced lines I've heard in a minute. I haven't decided which yet, though I'm leaning towards forced. .

What's that? You haven't downloaded "Trunk Muzik" yet? Shame on you good sir, shame!

Download "I Wish (Remix)" via MediaFire
Download "I Wish (Remix)" via UserShare

To start having some wishes fufilled right now check out the track below.

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Play YelaWolf ft. Prynce Cy Hi & Pill - I Wish (Remix)

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