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Web & I.D.e.A. Join Forces for “God’s Favorites” Album (Exclusive Download!)

Posted by Richard on 04/26/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Mixtapes, Web, I.D.e.A.
God's Favorites

Pop quiz: what's the most powerful cosign that an artist can ever hope to get? I know, I know – the obvious answer would be, of course, “RefinedHype” but let's try and think a bit bigger. How about having the backing of none other than the man upstairs? Secure in the knowledge that they're God's Favorites, emcee Web and production team I.D.e.A. have hooked up to create an album fit for a deity.

Presented by RefinedHype, Kevin Nottingham and Rappers I Know, the 17-track set is the official prelude to the fall release of Web and I.D.e.A.'s full-length album, Marvelous World of Color. Click the cover image or the main link below to download!

God's Favorites

Direct Download "God's Favorite"

UPDATE: Will wonders never cease? In addition to the package of dopeness you see above, I'm also throwing in two more tracks for your listening pleasure. The first is "Tables Turn" featuring Benjamin Arce, and the second is a "Love at the Speed of Light (Remix)" by French producer KOLT 13. If you haven't already downloaded "God's Favorites" shame on you. Get cracking.

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Play Web and I.D.e.A. ft. Banjamin Arce - Tables Turn

Play Web and I.D.e.A. - Love at the Speed of Light (KOLT 13 Remix)

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