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Usher Can’t Stop “Foolin’ Around” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/06/10 | Filed under Downloads, Usher
Usher Wedding Tameka
You'd think that impregnating a chick while cheating, or Tiger Wood's recent fiasco, would have taught him better, but apparently Usher just can't stop "Foolin’ Around". The latest leak off his impending "Raymond vs. Raymond" album, "Foolin' Around" was producer by his last hitmaking partner Jermaine Dupri. I'm not going to get into Usher's personal life, I'm just saying that if his now ex-wive smashes in the back of his car with a golf club we shouldn't be surprised.

Personally this just feels like a poor man's "Confessions Part 2" (which J.D. also produced), but almost everything I've heard so far off his new album sounds like a shadow of his former self, so it should fir right in.

Download "Foolin Around" via MediaFire
Download "Foolin Around" via UserShare

To start foolin around right now (musically speaking), check out the track below.

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