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Rocki Evans Shows Us the “Shape of My Heart” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/07/10 | Filed under Downloads, Rocki Evans
Rocki Evans Shape of My Heart
It's a good thing I don't have any street cred or it'd be gone after this post. On second thought, screw it. I like bangers as much as the next guy, but on the real, sometimes you just want to throw on some smooth ish and get close to your lady, and when you do you'd be hard pressed to do better than Rocki Evans' new single "Shape of My Heart". Following the release of his buzzing "Fantastic", "Shape of My Heart" is a supremely soulful cut from the young Texas crooner. Should I mention that I knew this was a remix of Sting's track of the same name? Screw it. Yeah, I've also listened to some Sting in my day. What? Only god can judge me!

If you're feeling Evans (even if you won't admit it to your boys), lookout for his upcoming project "More Songs About Girls".

Download "Shape of My Heart" via MediaFire
Download "Shape of My Heart" via UserShare

To find out the shape of Rocky's heart right now, check out the track below.

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Play Rocki Evans - Shape of My Heart

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