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Two New Rhymefest Leaks: “How High” & “Say Wassup” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/14/10 | Filed under Downloads, Rhymefest
Perhaps best known as the co-writer of Kanye's Grammy award-winning "Jesus Walks", the fiercely creative Rhymefest has struggled to find solo success, and now his upcoming "El Che" album has been pushed back indefinitely after "creative differences" (whatever those are) lead Fest to pull the plug with J Records. Luckily all is not lost - in fact, Fest has now given DJ RTC the green light to leak two of the album's highlights, "Say Wassup" ft. Little Brother and "How High" ft. Phonte.

So the good news is that if these two tracks are any indication, "El Che" will be ill, but the bad news is that the album is quickly approaching "Detox" levels of "will this album ever actually drop?' status.

Download "Say Wassup" via MediaFire
Download "Say Wassup" via UserShare


Download "How High" via MediaFire
Download "How High" via UserShare

To get a preview of "El Che" right now, check out both tracks below.

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Play Rhymefest ft. Little Brother - How High

Play Rhymefest ft. Phonte - Say Wassup

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