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Redman’s Got His “Mind On Money” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/04/10 | Filed under Downloads, Redman
I know I just spent about 1,000 words breaking down the benefits of lyrical hip-hop, so just so it doesn't start looking like I'm against having a good time, here's the latest single, "Mind on Money", from the epically blazed Redman (who I would argue actually has some respectable lyrical game). Anyway, just like he did on the shamelessly entertaining "Oh My", Red's crafted a track that demands you turn up the volume to 12 (shouts to Spinal Tap).

Red's upcoming album "Reggie Noble '0' 9 1/2" is slated to finally drop on March 30, but considering the album's already been delayed more times to think of an analogy...a prostitute's period, I wouldn't hold your breath. (Was that analogy inappropriate? Sorry, blame it on the Redman I'm banging while I write this.)

My tradition of never talking about Red without mentioning his "Best Cribs Episode Ever" continues. Click here.

Download "Mind on Money" via MediaFire
Download "Mind on Money" via UserShare

To start partying with Reggie Noble right now, listen to the track below.

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Play Redman - Mind on Money

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