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MaG Declares “I Ain’t Going Back to Retail!” Free Album (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/05/10 | Filed under Downloads, Mixtapes, MaG
MaG I Ain't Going Back to Retail
Coming off the well-received “$5 Cover” EP, Bronx born and raised emcee MaG has just released his first solo album “I Ain’t Goin' Back to Retail!”, an introspectively fresh account of the successes and shortcomings of an aspiring artist. Featuring production from the likes of Remot, Small Professor, J-Rell, and Cold Legistics as well as performances from 6th Sense, Zach Berkman and Kil Ripkin, this is an album that anyone struggling to pursue their dreams needs to listen to.

In related news, I'll be releasing my album "I Ain't Going Back to Food Service/Construction/Walking Your Motherf**king Dog Cause You're Too Lazy to Do It Yourself!" sometime this year. Stay tuned.

MaG I Ain't Going Back to Retail
Download "I Ain't Going Back to Retail" Directly!

To join the retail-jobs free movement right now, check out two of the album's standout tracks, "This Ain't Rap" and "Blinders" right now below.

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Play MaG - This Aint Rap

Play MaG - Blinders

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