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Joell Ortiz x Novel “Like I Know” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/19/10 | Filed under Downloads, Joell Ortiz, Novel
Novel, Joell Ortiz, Defying the Predictable
I don't know how Brooklyn heavyweight emcee Joell Ortiz and L.A.-based singer/songwriter/Renaissance man Novel hooked up, and frankly I don't care. all I know is that the duo are working on a collabo album titled "Defying the Predictable" and everything I've heard off it is dope. In the wake of the gripping "Stressful" comes "Like I Know", a soulfully winding track featuring Ortiz laying all of his problems on the table.

And for all you drama lovers, yes, Ortiz does address the ridiculous Benzino/Slaughterhouse beef, which I'm ignoring until it goes away.

Download "Like I Know" via MediaFire
Download "Like I Know" via UserShare

To know what Novel and Ortiz know right now, listen to the track below.

Play Joell Ortiz & Novel - Like I Know

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