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Devin the Dude Smokes Up “We Get High” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/18/10 | Filed under Downloads, Devin the Dude
Devin the Dude Do Not Distherb Suite #420 Cover
I know everyone expects a song called "We Get High" to be about smoking weed, especially when it's done by Devin the Dude, but shocking the track is about the spiritual power of music to uplift the soul, not the sticky good stuff. Naw, I'm just f**king with you, of course it's about weed. You should have seen your faces though. Priceless. Anyway, "We Get High" comes off Devin's new EP "Do Not Distherb (Suite #420)", available now. What is it with stoners and puns?

For the record, although I'm almost positive there are some other rappers included on this track, Devin didn't include them on the tracklisting, so f**k it. If anyone knows hit me up and I'll update.

Download "We Get High" via UserShare
Download "We Get High" via MediaFire

To soak your ears in some THC right now, check out the track below.

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