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The Definitive Collection of Terrible Rap Videos

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/05/12 | Filed under Humor

The Definitive Collection of Terrible Rap Videos

If the internet has done anything, it’s made hardcore porn widely accessible. But if it’s done two things, it’s brought terrible rap from the bowels of hell to the shining light that is YouTube. And now RefinedHype Nation is going to separate the merely bad rap from the absolutely terrible rap in a definitive collection.

First, some ground rules:

1) These videos can’t be terrible on purpose (as far as we can tell), so that rules out Krispy Kreme, Lil B, etc. It also means that a video’s terrible points increase in relation to how serious it appears to be.
2) I’m really looking for terribleness that hasn’t “blown up” yet. So yes, I know all about 50 Tyson, Eli Porter, etc., but they’re the superstars of this terrible rap game. We’re really look for undiscovered talent (so to speak).

Got it? Good - hit me with your selections in the comments below. And with that, let the terrible rap commence….

Index:       1. Rae2TheD - No Way       2. Piffy Da Don & Money Maine - This Is Mixxie       3. C-Breezy - 30 Bars       4. BFG - Cypher       5. Locomotive Kurt - This Is....Locomotive Kurt       6. Boostalk - We Gon Rok       7. Clip Spit - Skater Gang       8. Steve Beach G Crew - We Stay Grindin       9. Leather Face - Born in the DMZ       10. Denny Blazin - Average Homeboy      
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