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F**k Maxim, Here’s The Real Top 100 Hottest Women Alive List

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/24/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Best Of, Girls, Features

F**k Maxim, Here’s The Real Top 100 Hottest Women Alive List

This is why publications put out lists. Put together something like “The 100 Hottest Women” and the world will get to debating…and I’m not immune to the effects of a good debate, especially when it involves some serious booty. So even though Maxim already put together its official list, and the good folks at TSS weighed in with their selection, I just can’t sit this one out.

So I’m breaking down where Maxim went wrong, where they went right, and who’s shamefully absent from their collection. And for the record, “hottest” means “woman I’d like to have sexual intercourse with.” Not marry, not date, not even look at, have sex with. It’s really not that complicated. Do you want to have sex with them? Then they’re hot. Just so we’re all working off the same definition.

Who Maxim Got Right
Who Maxim Got Wrong
Shamefully Absent: Kim Kardashian
Shamefully Absent: Rosa Acosta
Shamefully Absent: Stacey Dash
Shamefully Absent: Bria Myles
Shamefully Absent: Kate Upton

Index:       1. Who Maxim Got Right       2. Who Maxim Got Wrong       3. Shamefully Absent: Kim Kardashian       4. Shamefully Absent: Rosa Acosta       5. Shamefully Absent: Stacey Dash       6. Shamefully Absent: Bria Myles       7. Shamefully Absent: Kate Upton      
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