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Random Hot Girls: The College Edition

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/29/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Girls, Random Hot Girls

Random Hot Girls: The College Edition

If I’ve learned anything running RefinedHype, it’s that running a rap blog is not the road to riches and fame. But if I’ve learned two things, it’s that y’all love Random Hot Girls. And since I was inspired by the recent #Boobment, I thought we’d do an all College Girls edition. Any complaints? I thought not.

As always, the rules are these have to be random girls, meaning no models, professional photo shoots, etc. And this time around, they have to be obviously college affiliated (wearing school gear, in a dorm room, etc.). Hot random girls that look like they’re in college, but there’s no evidence in the photo? They don’t qualify. Those are the rules. (Why yes, I do take these things way too seriously.)

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