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The 10 Best Pre-“Kush & OJ” Wiz Khalifa Songs (Bonus Mixtape)

Posted by NYsportsGUY on 08/11/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Features, Wiz Khalifa

The 10 Best Pre-“Kush & OJ” Wiz Khalifa Songs (Bonus Mixtape)

The last 12 months have been BIG for Wiz Khalifa. He’s already sold more albums than ever before, trended more than anyone ever thought, and compiled more cash than every rapper out there with the exception of these 10 hip-hop vets .

I have been following Young Cameron’s career even before he was first featured on the mothership WAY back in 2008. Many Wiz Khalifa purists (if such a thing exists) would argue that he was a much hungrier, more authentic and possibly even better rapper back in the day compared to how he now sounds on the radio. Although it was “Black and Yellow” that rocketed Wiz to mainstream popularity, it was really his mixtape, “Kush and OJ”, that placed him on the launch pad into the national consciousness.

So myself and Refined Hype have teamed up to bring you the 10 Best Pre-Kush-and-OJ songs. Enjoy, and be sure to hit the last page for a mixtape download with all ten songs. .

Index:       1. #10 - What it Used To Be (Prod. by Nicolay)       2. #9 - B.A.R       3. #8 - I’m Gonna Ride       4. #7 - Should I Feel Bad       5. #6 - The Thrill       6. #5 - When They See Me       7. #4 - Ink My Whole Body       8. #3 - This Plane       9. #2 - Keep the Conversation       10. #1 - Pittsburgh Sound (All In My Blood)       11. #Bonus - Friendly (Plus Bonus Mixtape)      
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