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More Rap Lines That Make No F**king Sense? I Got You

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/03/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Features, Rap Lines That Make No Sense

Tyga - Careless World

“I’m fucking in the house, babysitter on the couch / Thirteen like, “What this shit coming out?” / Pass me a jimmy, I ain’t ready for a child.”

A 13-year-old Tyga was apparently everything sex education was designed to prevent. To recap, he doesn’t know what cum is, but he does know that it’ll get a girl pregnant, and he thinks putting a condom on after sex will somehow help.

I think we can safely say Tyga’s got about 147 children scattered around the country:

Groupie: “Tyga, I’m pregnant, and you’re the father.”
Tyga: “There’s no way I’m the father! I wore a condom!”
Groupie: “No you didn’t.”
Tyga; ‘Damn right I did, I put that rubber on first thing the next morning.”

Bonus Tyga line

: “America’s pie, put my hand in the pot”

You make your pies in a pot?

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