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Meet the Mystery Booty of the Week, Eva Mendes (Pics)

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/15/11 | Filed under Top Stories, MBOW, Features

Meet the Mystery Booty of the Week, Eva Mendes (Pics)

First and foremost, shout out to our winner Sam Chit , whom I believe is celebrating his first MBOW victory. You were right, it was actress Eva Mendes who, on the real, gets my vote for hottest woman who’s also legitimately funny.

On a personal note, Eva’s the only MBOW selection I can say I’ve actually met (we’re obviously on a first name basis) and I’m sorry to report that she’s much less curvy in person than she appears on film. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still

do things to her that are illegal in Utah

really like to get to know her as a person, she’s just not as crazy hot as you might think.

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