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Fails of the Week: Diddy Goes French, Kanye Goes Mega & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/10/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Features, Fails of the Week

Mega Fail

Sweet baby jesus, what a melting pot of fuckery this is. Where do I even start?

Ok, so file sharing site MegaUpload (aka the file sharing site no one uses to send music) knows it’s the file sharing site no one uses to send music and accordingly just rolled out a new ad campaign featuring some of the game’s biggest acts. Who? How about Kanye West,, Jamie Foxx, Game, Diddy, Chris Brown and more.

Ok, first off, what the fuck is Kanye doing in this ad? How much money could they have possibly paid him to make it worth it? He’s on a global tour right now pulling down racks on racks on racks every night, and he does a MegaUpload Commercial? What, Fanta already had a rapper booked for its campaign? (Then again, it looks like they literally filmed his section as he was walking to the bathroom. It’s one of the least convincing endorsements I’ve ever heard. I guess he lives by two words, fuck you, pay me.)

Second, what files are Floyd Mayweather and Kim Kardashian possibly sending? Oh, yeah, nevermind.

B-b-b-b-b-but wait it gets worse!!!

Universal Music Group contacted YouTube and had the MegaUpload video taken down, even though none of the music used was owned by Universal and all appearances had been cleared.



I can only assume that Universal’s pissy because illegal music inevitably passes through MegaUpload and they’re seizing the opportunity to fuck with MegaUpload, even if they have no legal grounds to do so. But, as always, removing the video has only assured that it got more coverage and a longer life than it would have otherwise.

Oh, and that song makes me want to punch a baby.

But other than that, yeah, great work by everyone involved.

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