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Fails of the Week: The Worst Nude Kim Kardashian Pic Ever, Foul Balls & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/27/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Humor, Features, Fails of the Week

Worst...Kim Kardashian...Nude Pic....Ever


It’s not like I expect MediaTakeOut to be a paragon of journalistic excellence, but as a man who spends a large portion of his life identifying women based solely on their booties, this shit makes me hate MediaTakeOut like I’ve never hated them before. Earlier this week they posted the pic you see above with the following:

“April 26, 2012: Well wow . . . a pic of Kim Kardashian cooking breakfast in the buff just hit the web. We’re not sure when it was taken, but it’s clearly PRE-BOOB JOB!!!”

That…is…the worst….fucking…naked pic call…of all-time. You think that’s Kim Kardashian? That woman, right there? That one? Shut the fuck up. Other than the fact that both that mystery woman and Kim have legs, and hair, they don’t look anything alike. Nevermind the fact that there’s no way a Kardashian would be cooking breakfast in a cheap apartment kitchen.

It’d be one thing if we’d never seen Kim naked before and we didn’t have anything to compare that photo against, but…..yeah, we definitely do. Definitely. No seriously, definitely. Looking at that pic and thinking it was even remotely Kim is just straight up lazy booty-related journalism.

And don’t give me that “well, she could have looked like that before the plastic surgery” shit. Any real MBOW connoisseur knows Kim’s top floor was always sizable, and she’s literally had her booty x-rayed to prove there aren’t any injections. 

We need to get one of RefinedHype Nation’s MBOW vets hired over at MediaTakeOut as a booty identifier. This shit can not continue.

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