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Break-Up Breakdown: 10 Essential Mobb Deep Songs

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/09/12 | Filed under Videos, Mobb Deep

Break-Up Breakdown: 10 Essential Mobb Deep Songs

For reasons that are still unknown, Havoc lost his fucking shit on Twitter, laying out a barrage of tweets against Prodigy that are…well…not particularly kind. It’s obviously too early to tell if this will mean the break-up of Mobb Deep, but frankly after this it’s hard to imagine the Infamous crew staying together. 

So while it may be a premature eulogy, I couldn’t help but already look back on a group that laid down the blueprint for hardcore NYC rap. After huddling up with @DJBoothCEO, one of the most serious Mobb Deep fans I know, we assembled a quick strike list of Mobb’s most essential tracks.

As always, hit me with more in the comments below and I’ll update. Oh, and “Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone” is still one of the hardest lines in rap history.

Update: It does indeed look like the Twitter spree was fake - but fuck it, we’ve still got a dope list of Mobb Deep songs - all the better.

“Shook Ones Part II”
“Quiet Storm”
“Temperature’s Rising”
“Give Up the Goods”
“Up North Trip”
“Drop a Gem on Em (Tupac Diss)”
“Hell on Earth”
“Hey Luv”
“Got It Twisted”

Index:       1. Shook Ones Pt. II       2. Quiet Storm       3. Temperature's Rising       4. Give Up the Goods       5. Up North Trip       6. Drop a Gem On 'Em (Tupac Diss)       7. Hell on Earth       8. Hey Luv       9. Got It Twisted       10. Mobb Deep - Creep      
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