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The 3rd Annual RefinedHype Awards: Vote Now!

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/24/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion, RefinedHype Awards

The 3rd Annual RefinedHype Awards: Vote Now!

It’s December, and you know what that means; you’ve wasted yet another year of your life on RefinedHype! To celebrate our collective addiction to rap ridiculousness, booty, rap dopeness, booty and….booty…I had to bring out the Third Annual RefinedHype Awards!

RefinedHype Nation is a democracy, so the top vote getter in each category will be declared the winner, and I’ll announce the winners next week, Monday, December 17. Simple, right?

The good times really come in the comments below, so vote and then we’ll launch into some of that good ol’ fashioned RefinedHype Nation debate/shit talking.


UPDATE: From Kendrick Lamar to Kate Upton, the Winners of the 2012 RefinedHype Awards

Index:       1. Best Rapper of 2012       2. Worst Rapper of 2012       3. Best Album of 2012       4. Song of the Year       5. Banger of the Year       6. Most OverHyped Rapper of 2012       7. Most UnderHyped Rapper of 2012       8. Fail of the Year       9. Booty of the Year      
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