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Young Jeezy’s Back With “Trap or Die 2” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/21/09 | Filed under Downloads, Young Jeezy
There was a time when I wasn't a Young Jeezy fan. I thought his rhymes were too simple, too blunt. But then I realized that the man's like a great action movie: if you don't go in expecting it to change your life, it can be pretty damn enjoyable. Ever since that epiphany I've been bumping the snowman with the best of them, including his just leaked new track "Trap of Die 2".

"Trap or Die 2" was produced by trap music favorite Zaytoven (hence the slowly stuttering percussion) and comes off the Snowman's upcoming "Thug Motivation 103." Frankly I'd be surprised if this cut is on the final album, it gives new meaning to the word "minimalistic." but if Jeezy's hip-hop's last great action hero than "Trap or Die 2" is like "Rambo 3": not as good as the original, but still a good time.

To download "Trap or Die 2" click here. Or give it a preview below.

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Play Young Jeezy - Trap or Die 2

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