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Yelawolf Gets on His Catfish Billy Sh*t, Drops “Way Out”

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/05/13 | Filed under Yelawolf, Slumerican
Sweet baby jesus, has it really been three years since "Trunk Muzik" dropped? At the time Yelawolf was still very much an underground phenomenon, although he'd been around for years, but "Trunk Muzik" is unarguably the project that catapulted him into Shady Records status.

So yeah, I'm pretty motherfucking excited for the arrival of "Trunk Muzik Returns", especially if it sounds anything like new release "Way Out". This obviously doesn't have the aggression of something like "Pop the Trunk", but ever since "Radioactive" failed to do the numbers he was aiming for, Yela's clearly been on some "fuck it, I'm just making hip-hop again" shit, and that can only be a good thing (aka on his "Catfish Billy shit").

I think we can expect to hear a whole lot more like 'Way Out" before "Trunk Muzik Returns" on March 14. In the meantime, enjoy...

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