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Xzibit Launches Official Comeback with “MMX” Lead Single “Phenom” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Richard on 05/20/10 | Filed under Downloads, Xzibit, Kurupt, 40 Glocc
A blue moon, a total eclipse, the sighting of a black swan, all rare and noteworthy events. But the return of veteran emcee Xzibit to rap after four years spent pimping rides, acting and being the butt of countless "Yo Dawg" jokes? Now that is a "Phenom"ena you'd be lucky to glimpse once in a lifetime. With the release of the official lead single off his long-awaited seventh full-length, X to the Z makes his comeback official.

Here, the simmering synth arpeggios and strings of veteran beatsmith DJ Quik set a suitably street-ready vibe as the artist informs us just how serious he is about once again taking over the game: “Move out the path of the lava, move in position to conquer / You have created a monster, wake up and crawl out the coffin.,..” Backing him up are two equally hard-bitten cohorts – fellow Left Coaster and frequent Quik collaborator Kurupt and Texan emcee 40 Glocc jump on board to offer some moral support on the guest tip.

Is this single, well, phenomenal enough to stir up the buzz Xzibit needs? Listen below and decide for yourself. If you're digging it, keep it locked for news on MMX, due out later this year.

Download "Phenom" via UserShare
Download "Phenom" via MediaFire

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