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Xzibit Enters the “Hurt Locker” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/12/09 | Filed under Downloads, Xzibit
Xzibit Hurt Locker
Apparently tired of installing small aquariums inside Pintos, Xzibit is back to on his grind and once again making music, starting with the crushing "Hurt Locker". With all his recent tv work it's easy to forget that Mr. X to the Z is actually a widely respected staple of the west coast hip-hop scene, rapper who never truly reached elite status but was certainly nothing to play with. "Hurt Locker"m, produced by Scoop Deville and the lead single of his 2010 album, is a great reminder of X's hardcore skills.

As long as we're here, just in case you don't get the reference, "The Hurt Locker" was one of the sickest movies of the year. A quasi-documentary flick about soldiers who dismantle bombs in Iraq, not only is it the best movie about the Iraq war made yet, it features one of the most bad ass guys in movie history, Sgt. William James, a dude who likes to take apart enormous explosives without a helmet, while smoking. Seriously, you need to watch this f**king movie - the trailer's below. (I just realized it's a bad sign for Xzibit that I'm infinitely more excited about "Hurt Locker" the movie than the song.)

Download links and track player are underneath the video.

Download "Hurt Locker" w/MediaFire.

Download "Hurt Locker" w/UserShare

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