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XV Reps Hard for the “Squares” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 08/02/10 | Filed under Downloads, XV
XV Rapper Music
When Midwest favorite XV dropped his previous, more club-centric track "Gettin Bizzy" I wrote it was an attempt to show the major labels that he has the potential to make commercial hits. Mission accomplished. Since he last got bizzy XV has signed to Warner Brothers (a move our own John Stewart doesn't endorse) and now that he's finally playing the majors, he let go of a brand new track to celebrate. "Squares", produced by Johnny Juliano, who puts together a supremely quality beat, is, in no uncertain terms, Vizzy's musical middle finger to everyone who said he wasn't cool enough to truly make it in the game.

"I think I'm ready for the world, let me love you down / they used to call us squares, look how it comes around." Yep, not a lot of ambiguity there. Expect a few more tracks from the Kid With the Green Backpack as he clears his catalog of material Warner Bros. doesn't want. And as for the aforementioned "Green Backpack" album? I have no idea if it will ever see the light of day now. We'll just have to (continue) to wait and see.

Download "Squares'" Directly

Celebrate your inner square right now and check out the track below.

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