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Turn Off the Lights, XV is “Gettin’ Bizzy” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/14/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, XV
XV Gettin Bizzy
You can only be the "how is this guy still unsigned?!?" guy for so long. Thanks to a steady stream of lyrically innovative and always creative tracks and projects ("T.A.L.K.", "30 Minute Layover", etc.) XV has gained a loyal and always growing following, but so far the labels have yet to jump on the Vizzy bandwagon - frankly because they don't know how to market him. Hoping to show his more mainstream appeal XV has dropped off the club-ish-esque "Gettin' Bizzy", a sparsely produced cut that, thankfully, XV doesn't switch up his flow for. Don't worry, there's no swag to be found here.

Frankly I don't see this actually getting a lot of radio play - the hook's too minor - but hopefully it will show labels that Vizzy's capable of making a song that "could" blow up, and that's just as valuable. The track's off XV's long-awaited and highly anticipated project, "Vizzy Zone", set to drop in August.

"I be sittin waitin, anticipatin the day when, the radio finally gonna play my shit, long as I step up to the plate if I swing I miss, but I'm goin out the way I wish." Get em Vizzy.

Download "Gettin Bizzy'" Directly

Get busy bizzy with Vizzy right now and listen to the track below.

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Play XV - Gettin' Bizzy

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