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It’s Official: Lil B is the Worst Rapper Alive

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/23/11 | Filed under Features, Lil B, Best of 2011, Worst Rapper Alive, Worst Rapper Alive

Three weeks ago RefinedHype Nation set out to answer one very simple question; who's the worst rapper alive? Much like determining who the best rapper alive is, it's a question that's far more difficult to answer than it may first appear, but we've answered it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 2011 Worst Rapper Alive, Lil B!

(Those who are new can read the rules, criteria and see the other nominess here.)

For the record, this was an extraordinarily close vote. Out of 648 total votes cast, Lil B edged out Soulja Boy by a razor thin two vote margin, 203 to 201. Interestingly, that means that their collaborative work - let's call them Lil Soulja B - has now been mathematically proven to be the worst thing in modern hip-hop.

It's worth noting that Lil B's nomination, and eventual selection, as the Worst Rapper Alive was hotly debated. Some claimed that the Based God often made terrible music on purpose, elevating him above Soulja Boy, who made terrible music simply because that's the only type of music he was capable of making. Others argued that making terrible music intentionally only made it worse.

While the debate surrounding Lil B is far from over, and I have no doubt that many will continue to campaign for their own worst rapper alive pick, RefinedHype is a democracy and the people have spoken. At least for this year, the Worst Rapper Alive vote is over.

Lil B, your swag may be turned up to the maximum, but you will definitely not be fucking RefinedHype Nation's bitch. You are, officially, the worst rapper alive. Swag.

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