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Wiz Khalifa Admits “Rolling Papers” Sucked - Who’s Next?

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/16/12 | Filed under Features
As a man who reviews hip-hop albums for a living I can assure you that no rapper has ever admitted their album was weak - especially in the digital age. Rappers are so fortified to against haters they feel like they can't show any weakness. "No!" they insist. "That album I turned out mostly to get out of my contract is an instant classic, and fuck you if you think otherwise!"

But of course that's not true. The very nature of making albums for along period of time is that some won't be as good as others - and we're not even talking about wack albums. We're just talking about "not as good as your best album" albums.

Take Michael Jordan. Unquestionably the greatest player of all-time, even Jordan had shitty games. For example, on March 22 1986, he scored 8 points against the Cavs, a career low. That doesn't not make him the greatest, it just makes him the greatest...who also occasionally, although rarely, sucked.

The same holds true for rappers. No one's had a longer and more successful career than Jay-Z, but I find it hard to believe that even he would say that "Kingdom Come" was nowhere near as good as "The Blueprint". (In fact, it was his March 22 against the Cavs.) Of course Hova would never admit it. Rappers never admit it.

Well...they almost never admit it. Just this week Wiz Khalifa took to his Tumblr to admit that "Rolling Papers", despite putting him on the commercial map, musically kind of sucked:

“The mistake i made on Rolling Papers was thinking it was time to move on from that genre not knowing that it had impacted people so much. The album did great numbers, but creatively wasn’t my best work. No regrets though. We live and we learn. So for my fans sake and own personal enjoyment, Ive gone further into the world we’ve created and elaborated on our genre with the mixtape Taylor Allderdice and of course my sophomore album ONIFC. Im so confident in the artistry and creativity of these projects because so much living went along with them. These aren’t songs aimed to be hits or widely accepted or even understood. Iss for people who live like us and can relate. And informative to those who can’t.”

It's probably just because he's smoked away the brain cells that allow him to bullshit, but either way props to Wiz for standing up in front of his fan base and taking responsibility. (Because when you turn in a sub-par album that's who you're really cheating - the hardcore fans who will buy anything you put out.)

After Wiz it's a very, very short list of rappers who have admitted any weakness. Drake talked about "Thank Me Later" being rushed, but that was more in a "If that was me rushed, just imagine how fucking amazing 'Take Care' will be!" kind of way.

Actually, the only other rapper I can recall ever being as honest, or even more honest, than Wiz is Method Man, who's clearly entered the "I'm fucking Method Man, I don't give a fuck what people think about me" anymore phase of his career. The man now casually throws out quotes like:

“'Triumph’ was like, all the pressure of the name being bigger than the group and everybody smelling themselves and thinking they were bigger than they really was. You can hear all that on ‘Triumph.’ By the middle of the album, focus was being lost. My focus was lost by the middle of the album and my heart just wasn’t in it like it used to be. I don’t regret anything that I did, but I wish I would’ve been a little more focused on the shit that really mattered at that point in time." - via Complex.

Exactly. Any creative person goes through periods when they're more and less creative, and then as human beings there are times when you're more or less focused on your work because of personal issues. That's life - but fan pressure and the need to sell albums have coupled to make rappers feel like they have to appear superhuman, flawless machines that turn out perfect product every time.

Maybe someday, with enough success and enough time, J. Cole will be able to say, "I'm really proud of Cole World, but looking back at it I really was a young artist who just hadn't figured out how to make a hit record." Maybe Lupe will be able to admit, "I wanted to do something different on 'Lasers', and I'm glad that I did, but that album didn't have the soul in it that my fans love me for, and for that I apologize." Maybe Jay will someday say, "'Yeah, I overthought 'Kingdom Come'. It was definitely a career low-point."

Maybe....I won't hold my breath though.

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