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From Kendrick Lamar to Kate Upton, the Winners of the 2012 RefinedHype Awards

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/17/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion, RefinedHype Awards
Well, that was good times. (You know, if debating rap is your idea of a good time. And if you're on RefinedHype, it is.) After more than 1,000 votes and 100 comments, the 2012 edition of the RefinedHype Awards has come to a close.

Much love to RefinedHype Nation for voting, this shit is becoming a pretty big deal. In a few years the RefinedHype Awards are going to be like the Grammys, only not infuriating. On that note, the envelopes please...and the winners are...


Best Rapper of 2012

Winner: Kendrick Lamar (74.89%)
Runner Up: Nas (9.74%)

A landslide for Kendrick here, and he deserves it. Not that he's that much better than Nas, or better at all, but this year he re-defined what hip-hop could sound like, just like Nas did nearly two decades ago with "Illmatic".

Hopefully Kendrick will inspire the next generation of emcees to believe that they can be creative, be successful, and still succeed. Originality over everything.

Worst Rapper of 2012

Winner: Kreayshawn (28.42%)
Runner Up: Lil Wayne (27.91%)

The good news is that unlike someone like Soulja Boy, who's somehow managed to hand on for years, it really does look like we'll never have to hear from Kreayshawn again.

By the way, the fact that Weezy was that close to "winning", despite putting out at least some dope material this year, shows just how serious the anti-Wayne backlash has become (at least among rap nerds that used to love him as a rapper).

Best Album of 2012

Winner: Kendrick Lamar "good kid, m.A.A.d. city" (62.6%)
Runner Up: Frank Ocean "Channel Orange" (11.65%)

No surprises here. Only time will tell if "GKMC" eventually becomes a classic, but for now I don't know what more you could have wanted from Kendrick. "GKMC" is an almost shockingly "alternative" album for something Interscope was so heavily invested in.

And props to Frank Ocean for the runner-up spot. I felt like the album was so good I had to include it here, even though it's not rap, and apparently RefinedHype Nation agrees.

Song of the Year

Winner: Kendrick Lamar "Sing About Me / Dying of Thirst" (36.64%)
Runner Up: Nas x Scarface "Hip-Hop" (21.92%)

At first I wondered if my writing an entire article about "Sing About Me" skewed these results...and then I remembered that y'all don't particularly give a fuck what I think, you're certainly not shy about disagreeing with me (just check the comments) and you're way too smart to be influenced by anyone, let alone me.

So yeah, I guess it means that "Sing About Me" really is that incredible. Huge respect to "Hip-Hop" though; if we talk about "oh shit" moments, I remembering literally having to stand up the first time I hear that I was so amped.

Banger of the Year

Winner: Chief Keef ft. GOOD Music "Don't Like" (28.28%)
Runner Up: Juicy J "Bandz A Make Her Dance" (27.99%)

Personally I would have gone with "Bandz" here, and it was close, but the people have spoken. Maybe I don't like "Don't Like" because of what it symbolized (older rappers jumping on the new guy's sound to stay popular/grab some quick publicity), but I can't deny that this shit goes hard.

Pusha First 48ed that intro though.

Most OverHyped Rapper of 2012

Winner: 2 Chainz (28.37%)
Runner Up: French Montana (24.72%)

As I said in the last podcast, I do think Chainz has a place in the game...I just don't think it's as one of the game's most popular rappers.

Hopefully in 2013 some of that "new car small" will come off Chainz and we'll get to hear him on the occasional track, instead of on every song ever, like he was in 2012.

(As for French, he could disappear and I wouldn't notice.)

Most UnderHyped Rapper of 2012

Winner: Ab-Soul (38.48%)
Runner Up: Big Boi (21.35%)

Considering a lot of people were arguing for Soul as the straight up Rapper of the Year, it's no surprise that he decidely won the Most Underhyped title. Two years ago I don't think even Solo thought he'd become this dope, but the man's lyrical level exploded in 2012.

TDE runs this shit, and I couldn't be happier.

Fail of the Year

Winner: Lil Wayne's "Diss" of Pusha T (37.09%)
Runner Up: Rihanna x Chris Brown: The Whole Ongoing Saga (25.22%)

When the guy you're dissing is laughing too hard to even bother responding, things did not go well. The worst part about this for me there are definitely moments when you can tell Weezy thought, "Oh shit, I got him with that line!" But in reality, he was saying things like, "His head up his ass, I'm gonna have to head butt him," that don't even make any fucking sense.

"Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love him" was a pretty nice catchphrase though, I used that one a lot this year.

Me: "Munchos are the greatest chip alive right now."
Friend: "They got nothing on flaming hot Cheetos."
Me: "Man, fuck flaming hot Cheetos and anybody who love 'em."

Anyway, moving on....

Booty of the Year

Winner: Kate Upton (38.13%)
Runner Up: Rosa Acosta (29.06%)

Wow, there's a new queen of RefinedHype Nation. After winning the first two RefinedHype Awards, Rosa was finally kicked off the throne this year by Upton. Personally I'm still more of a Rosa man, but I can't deny that Kate put in that work this year.

Consider this motivation to really come with it in 2013 Rosa. We need slow motion shots of you getting out a pool, maybe some GIFs of you dancing; I know you can do it. Don't let me down.

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