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Whitefolkz & K-Beta Hate Their “J.O.B.” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 05/14/10 | Filed under Download, K-Beta, Whitefolkz
Whitefolkz Alpha Dogg Cover
Although I'm blessed enough to be able to work in hip-hop full time now, it took years of working shitty jobs to get to where I am today (you don't know fun until you've installed insulation...while wearing a mask cause "that shit will fuck up your lings if you breath it in."). And I'm far from the only one who's had to punch that time card. Here with a new working man anthem is (relative) newcomer Whitefolkz and his aptly-titled mixtape track "J.O.B." Produced by DJ Soundtrax - anyone know where that sample's from? - and also featuring RefinedHype favorite K-Beta, whose "Inglorious Beta" project I'm still bumping, "J.O.B." is a song everyone can relate to. And if you can't relate, might I suggest you go get yourself a job.

Quick note to everyone whose looking at Whitefolkz name and feels a wave of hating coming on. First, for a complete breakdown of my VIPTSD (Vanilla Ice Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) theory, click here. Second, anyone who listens to the man's music with an open mind will find a truly gifted lyricist: "Keep holdin on Holden Caufield, Catcher in the Rye feelin like I got a raw deal, I'm in the optical shop making these eyeglasses, fumes in the air burn the tips of my eyelashes." Tell me that's not dope. If you find yourself won over, "J.O.B." is off Whitefolkz new project "Alpha Dogg".

Download "J.O.B." via UserShare
Download "J.O.B." via MediaFire

Need inspiration to work your j.o.b. right now? Listen to the track below.

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Play Whitefolkz ft. K-Beta - J.O.B.

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