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RefinedHype Weekly Re-Up Vol. 21 ft. Beastie Boys, Lupe Fiasco & More (Download & Vote!)

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/09/11 | Filed under Downloads, Weekly Re-Up, Votes
RefinedHype Daily Re-Up
It's happened again. You've wasted another perfectly good week on RefinedHype. Thank you - because of your deep desire to procrastinate during work by flipping through our virtual pages I've got enough money to buy some scotch and a nice cigar this weekend (oh you fancy huh?). To truly show my appreciation, I've rounded up the week's top tracks into a new-and-improved "Weekly Re-Up". This week enjoy new music from Beastie Boys, Lupe Fiasco, Sade and many more...

Enjoy, and don't forget to vote for the week's best at the bottom of the page. Personally I'd go with the Sade and Jay-Z, but I've only got one vote like the rest of you. That's right, RefinedHype Nation is a democracy....until I decide otherwise.

1) Shane Eli ft. Playboy Tre & Rittz "Let's Ride" (See more.)

2) Mobb Deep ft. Nas "Dog Shit" (See more.)

3) Thurz "Los Angeles" (See more.)

4) Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise" (See more.)

5) Rapper Big Pooh ft. Kendrick Lamar & Ab-Soul "RapperPooh-a-lude" (See more.)

6) Royce da 5'9" ft. Eminem "Writer's Block" (See more.)

7) Sade ft. Jay-Z "Moon and Sky (Remix)" (See more.)

8) Lupe Fiasco "Airplanes (Original)" (See more.)

9) Drake "Successful (Original)" (See more.)

10) Busta Rhymes ft. Biggie "Knock You Out" (See more.)

Download "Weekly Re-Up Vol. 22" via HulkShare

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Play Mobb Deep ft. Nas - Dog Shit

Play Lupe Fiasco - Airplanes (Original)

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