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Breaking Down The Most Gifted Lines From Wale’s “The Gifted”

Posted by Danielle Harling on 06/25/13 | Filed under Wale
Rappers sometimes tend to be pretty bold when it comes to album titles and unfortunately, a lot of times the music on their projects doesn't always live up to the grandiose title of the projects their featured on. With D.C. rapper Wale's new album, "The Gifted," you'd expect the album to be littered with lyrical gems every bar or so given the album's title and Wale's penchant for clever and at times thought-provoking wordplay.

Whether or not Wale is truly among the most gifted of emcee's is debatable, but the MMG lyricist easily has a number of commendable bars on "The Gifted." Here's just a sampling of "The Gifted's" most gifted lines, and feel free to chime in with your own favorites.

"Golden Salvation"

How can a diamond supersede my wisdom/ I seen a reverend with five of me as he read his scripture/ This is bible readings to people with malice intentions/ You silly get wits seen ahki with crucifix pendent

Easily one of the most intriguing songs lyrically-speaking on "The Gifted," "Golden Salvation" features a number of noteworthy lines from Wale who addresses matters of religion and hypocrisy in these lyrics. Also, Wale approaching this song from the point of view of Jesus is borderline genius.

New chain swag get you crew laid fast/ Or laid down or not a ticket next to dad

I love the irony in this particular line. The song's about religion or more precisely lack thereof, yet rocking a Jesus piece in some cases could get you buried 10 feet under and closer to God.


A lot of bullets are prodigal to the gullible

Although this is merely a single line from Wale, it's a clever way of warning those of the dangers of the gullible.

"Black Heroes"

This cold poet just throw up quotables to give em hope/ Go and slow up haters train of thoughts with brain storms

You gotta love a good play on words and Wale gives us just that with this "Black Heroes" line


I ain't J.R. Rider but them wolves coming for my spot...My rapping skills is on Chapel Hill but you ain't see it

Again, Wale taps into his clever side for these two lines which wittily reference both UNC and former NBA player Isaiah Rider, Jr. You gotta hand it to the man, he really does know how to craft a sports reference.

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