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Because Booty: The Best of Vine Booty Videos

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/03/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Girls

As the great American poet Walt Whitman once said, "I am large, I contain multitudes, and sometimes one of those multitudes wants to look at booty on Vine*." The point is, there are times when I really do spend hours reading Chuck Klosterman, meditating on the essential transendantal nature of culture, and writing well thought out articles. 

And then there are times whe I realize I just spent the last hour of my life scrolling through videos on Vine because apparently the part of my brain that enjoys booty is easily capable of shutting down all other neural activity. But instead of truly letting that time go to waste, I thought I might as well share some of my favorites. 

There's no real formula or qualifications here beyond they're all on Vine and they're all about booty. Some are famous "models", some are strippers, some are just seemingly random girls. If the same six seconds had me watching over and over again, it qualified. 

In the words of another great American poet, Project Pat, good googly moogly that thing is juicy. Enjoy...


* Maybe not the exact quote.

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