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Video Wrap: Young Jeezy “I’m Just Sayin”, Big Boi “General Patton, The-Dream “Trilogy” & More!

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/06/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Videos, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Asher Roth, Big Boi, Cee Lo, The Dream, Video Wrap, Reflection Eternal
A boatload of new videos dropped last week and over the holiday weekend that got lost in the shuffle, so I though we'd play catch up with some good ol' video wrap. Today's edition features new visuals from Young Jeezy, The-Dream, Big Boi, a special surprise guest and more. Enjoy....

(Updated with new videos from Rick Ross, Asher Roth, Reflection Eternal and Cee-Lo below.)

Young Jeezy - "I'm Just Sayin'"

A surprisingly artistic video for Jeezy's miztape singe. I cringe to think what the video for "All White Everything" is going to be like - my money's on horrible. I'm just sayin.

Big Boi - "General Patton"

The best track off Big's new "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" album (out today!) gets some accompanying visuals. Only Big could make one of those dorky fur hats looks that fly. The man's a legend in his own time.

Ahmad - "Get Some Money & Go to Jail"

Ahmad - yep, the dude who did "Back in the Day" back in the day - is back and his new work sounds dope as hell. Crooked I joins him for a look at millionaire athletes who seem to do everything possible to go to jail (JaMarcus, so good of you to join us). Ahmad's upcoming album, "The Death of Me", drops August 10. Seriously, I'm digging this.

The-Dream - "Trilogy ("Yamaha", "Nikki Pt. 2" & "Abyss")"

Since Dream likes to tie tracks together on this albums, he did the same with the videos, linking three tracks off his new "Love King" album. It's worth the watch if you've got ten minutes to kill, but I'm still hyperventilating over that "Panties to the Side" flick. Goddamn.

More videos coming as they drop throughout the day. <<< Told ya. Here come some more...

Rick Ross - "300 Soldiers"

With two new leaks dropping this video suddenly becomes an afterthought in Rick Ross land (Bawseylvania?). Frankly not a whole lot going on here - just cars, cash and hos - but what did you expect? A Pedro Almodóvar film? Off that "Albert Anastasia".

Asher Roth - "Toni Braxton"

Some cartoonish goodness from Asher, take it or leave it. From the "Seared Foie Gras" project.

Cee-Lo Green – "No One’s Gonna Love You"

Technically NSFW, but unless you work in a Mormon temple and your boss is staring over your shoulder, you'll be fine. The track will be featured on Green's upcoming album "The Lady Killer".

Reflection Eternal - "Ballad of Black Gold"

One of the best tracks off "Revolutions Per Minute" makes its way from the audio to the visual department.

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