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Usher Brings The Intensity & Some Interesting Hand Gestures With “Climax” Video (Video Breakdown)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 03/09/12 | Filed under Video Breakdown, Usher
It's a bit of a rarity to have both a dope song and an impressive music video to go along with it, but Usher has done just that with his song "Climax." The music video is somewhat intense and it might be a little on the confusing side for some, but still dope nonetheless. Usher really put himself back on the map as an artist with "Climax" so this video is merely the icing on the cake.

0:06 – I have to admit that while I do love the song “Climax” I hate how the song starts off.

0:12 – Something tells me we’re in for quite the dramatic video.

0:28 – Wait, is this sign language?

0:41 – I really need Usher to set the sign language aside and break out the “You Make Me Wanna” dance moves.

0:49 – I guess this is where the whole “Climax” thing comes in.

1:05 – Usher looks hella bewildered in this solo scene.

1:31 – Uh oh! Sh*t’s about to get really real! There will be no Usher circa 1997 dance moves in this video folks.

1:49 – Come on, don’t take your anger out on that nice American Apparel t-shirt.

2:13 – It feels like there’s about 18 different scenarios in this video. Confusing much?

2:59 – Stevie Wonder head roll!

3:06 – Alright, Usher’s starting to frighten me now.

3:53 – Smart move Usher.

3:56 – Despite the lack of “You Make Me Wanna” dance moves this “Climax” video was actually pretty dope.

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