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This Week in Hype Podcast: Feel Good Music, Black Thought, V-Nasty & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/26/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts
Believe me, I'm even more surprised than you. But a good portion of RefinedHype Nation have asked for more solo "This Week in Hype" podcasts, and so I've delivered another solo podcasts. Hey, I'm nothing if not a man of the people. This week I review some of the best feel good songs in hip-hop history, examine Black Thought's rightful place in the GOAT discussion, break down V-Nasty's "deal" and more.

Discussed This Week:

* Remember when Will Smith could really rap?
* Remember when Kanye was making feel good music? (Also, Gucci diapers.)
* NOT remembering the name of the guy who did "This Is Why I'm Hot"
* No rapper really wants it with Black Thought.
* V-Nasty signing for $750K, planning our V-Nasty freedom celebration.

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