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This Week in Hype: Macklemore Mega-Rant, Publicist Breakdown & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/31/14 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts, Macklemore

It's time for the Super Bowl of hip-hop podcasts, "This Week in Hype"! And by "Super Bowl of hip-hop podcasts" I should eat some nachos and chicken wings while you listen to it? Ok, so I didn't really think that one through, but you get the point. 

This week, I kinda-sorta lose it and go on a mega-rant about Macklemore and his place in hip-hop, bring on Candice Han to break down the hidden world of publicists and PR, give away some goodies and much more. 

Discussed This Week:  

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member Tino for that dope theme song. 
* A new trivia question, a new chance to win some random shit from my house. Also, something new: Hey producers and DJs, want your music to play during the podcast and get a shout out? Send your instrumentals to nathan@refinedhypecom
* I know, I know, we're all burnt-out on Macklemore, but I just couldn't help myself. I throw down an epic Macklemore-related rant that starts with his Grammy wins, morphs into the hypocrisy of white hip-hop writers who criticize him, and ends with a plea to restore some sanity to our conversations about hip-hop. It's kind of a whole thing. 
* Over the years I've been asked "should I get a publicist?" and "how do I know if a publicist is any good?" literally hundreds of times. Since I know a lot of our listeners are artists, I bring on one of the best publicists I know, Candice Han, to really answer those questions.  
* Candice is good times. You should check out her company, Pitchblend, and follow Candice (@pitchblend) on Twitter
* Today's closing track, Macklemore's "Starting Over"

If you subscribe to "This Week in Hype" on iTunes I'll come over to your house and make you some delicious fucking waffles. Seriously*.  


* Not seriously. 

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