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This Week in Hype Podcast: The Kareem Fort “Demos” Special Edition

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/15/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts
Remember how "Saved By The Bell" would sometimes do a very special episode where they addressed an important issue? Yeah, well today's "This Week In Hype" podcast is exactly like that, except instead of Jessie's diet pill addiction, I threw out the usual format to talk to Kareem Fort about his upcoming "Demos" documentary.

For the last two years Kareem has been interviewing the likes of Talib Kweli, Crooked I, DJ Quik and more to find out how to build a career in independent hip-hop, the man knows what he's talking about. For this episode we talk about the importance of originality, creating a business plan, the value of personal relationships and much more.

Follow Kareem here, and make sure you see "Demos" when it drops. Podcast is under the trailer, This one's a must listen for artists or anyone who truly cares how that art gets made. Enjoy...

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