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This Week in Hype Podcast: The FakeShoreDrive Edition (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/22/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts
It's Friday, which means you're either on your Craig shit, or you're counting the minutes until you get off of work. Either way, don't worry, the "This Week in Hype" podcast is here to help make the wait until Friday just a little better.

For this week's edition I'm joined by one of the most respected bloggers in the rap interwebs game, Andrew Barber of FakeShoreDrive, to talk about the rise of Chicago's drill scene, the future of Chief Keef, the state of music blogs and much more.

Follow Andrew here, and of course check out FakeShoreDrive for all your Chicago hip-hop needs. Much love to Andrew for coming on, he's good people. Enjoy...

Discussed This Week:

* Remember Kid Sister?
* The perfect storm of media attention surrounding Chief Keef.
* The proliferation of copy and paste blogs.
* Chicago's violence epidemic.
* Lil Durk, King Louie, Katie Got Bandz and the rest of the drill scene.
* Blogging from a Maybach and/or a castle...with a moat.
* Is Chance the Rapper Chicago's next big thing?

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