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This Week in Hype: State of the RefinedHype Union, Talking “Crenshaw” With DJ Z & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/11/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts

You've done it, you've survived until another Friday, and that means we should celebrate with another "This Week in Hype" podcast. Mazeltov my people!

For the latest edition, I read a letter from a former fan of RefinedHype, explain the current state of the RefinedHype Union, bring on DJ Z to talk about Nipsey Hussle's new $100 album and more. 

Discussed This Week

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member Tino for that dope theme song.
* Another trivia question, another chance to win some fresh gear from the always dope IM King, our official sponsor for October
* Things get really RefinedHype-focused as I read a letter from someone who's no longer a fan of the site, explain the changes I've made to RefinedHype over the last few weeks and just generally break down the state of our little digital union. 
* In retrospect, that might have been a little ranty. I think Kanye's been rubbing off on me. I AM A GOD!!!
* The homie DJ Z (aka don't call me DJBooth) comes on to talk about the future of digitial music, the implications of Nipsey Hussle's $100 "Crenshaw" album and much more.   
* This week's closing track, "Yaphet Kotto" from Childish Gambino.

Yo, I just back from a quilting circle with your grandma, she says she really wants you to subscribe to "This Week in Hype" on iTunes. You're not going to dissapoint your own grandma, are you?


RefinedHype has merged with The DJBooth. It's the same articles you loved on RefinedHype, new address. For more info, check out the official announcement.

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