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This Week in Hype: Rap Lies, Curtiss King on Comedy & Hip-Hop & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/06/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts, Curtiss King

There are two types of people in this world. Those who listen to "This Week In Hype" every Friday, and those who spend their lunch breaks huffing modeling glue in a Home Depot parking lot. Don't be a model glue sniffer.  

For the latest edition, I touch on Big Sean's not particularly impressive album sales numbers, issue a plea to rapper to stop lying, bring on Curtiss King to talk about the connection between hip-hop and comedy and much more. 

Discussed This Week:

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member Tino for that dope theme song.
* Another trivia question, another chance to win some fresh gear from the always dope IM King, our official sponsor for August.
* Who's the Rap Game Brian Scalabrine
* The sales numbers for Big Sean's "Hall of Fame" are in, and they're thoroughly mediocre. Turns out he's more of a second-tier rapper than I thought.
* I come back from a trip to Miami moderately depressed about the proliferation of rapper lies. 
* For "10 Minutes With Someone Dope" I bring on producer and emcee Curtiss King to talk about the connections between hip-hop and comedy, how "In Living Color" influenced him, stripper advice, the vulnarability that comes with honesty, Louis CK and more. 
* Salute to Curtiss King. You should follow him, watch some of his (legitimately funny) videos and check out more of his music here
* This week's closing song, Curtiss' "Lightweight".

Stop huffing, leave the Home Depot parking lot and subscribe to "This Week in Hype" on iTunes. Your life will thank you. Enjoy...

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