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This Week in Hype: The Eminen Retirement Plan, DJ Charlie White & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/08/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts, DJ Charlie White

Thank sweet baby jesus it's Friday! Let's celebrate by going to Vegas, snorting a small mountain of blow, winning $20K in roulette, and then blowing it all on strippers in one night. Or...we could just listen to another "This Week in Hype" podcast. Either/or. 

For the latest edition, I discuss whether Eminem should be formulating a retirement plan, rappers reaching middle age, and bring on DJ Charlie White to talk about being signed to Justin Timberlake and what he learned about the big league music industry from that experience. 

Discussed This Week:  

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member Tino for that dope theme song.
* Shout out to our sponsors IM King. Answer this week's trivia question and I'll send you some free gear. 
* Has any rapper ever pulled a Barry Sanders, retired on top and stayed retired? Maybe Eminem should be the first. I talk about what it might look like for one of the GOATS to actually bow out of the game with his legacy intact and in control of his career.   
* I bring on DJ Charlie White to talk about being signed to Justin Timberlake as a part of Freesol (watch the man put in work), the lessons he learned about the music industry and building his own career as an independent producer and DJ. 
* Much love to DJ Charlie White for coming on. You can follow him here, check out his SoundCloud here, and of course go download his new "Antiques" beat tape which just dropped via RefinedHype. 
* Today's closing track, Eminem's outstanding "Bad Guy". 

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