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Hang Your Head in Shame “Nellyville” Fans, Torae’s “Real Talk” is Here (Listen)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/10/12 | Filed under Torae
Torae's "For the Record" got plenty of mentions as one of the most slept on albums of 2011, which is great, but I've got a better idea. How about everyone just wakes the fuck up and recognizes that the NYC emcee is making some of the dopest, most straight up, rawest, I can rap better than you hip-hop out there right now.

If you've already been telling everyone what I just said, welcome to the first Torae cut of the new year. If this is your introduction to Torae, allow me to bump some "Real Talk" for you. Over a Young Cee beat that just shuts up and does its job, Torae lays down some high caliber rhymes, including one of my favorite lines of 2012 so far: "You was bumpin 'Nellyville' in the car with your boo / I was blastin Styles P on my stoop." (I know a lot of dudes just hung their heads in shame over that one.)

I know the NYC hip-hop head members of RefinedHype Nation are going to dig this one. Enjoy, and word to the good people at Coalmine Records.

Torae - "Real Talk" (prod. by Young Cee) by Diamond Media 360

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